Catering from Chicago Food Trucks for Winter

by Alex Levine, November 5, 2012

Ah, holidays. If you’re like us, this is our favorite time of the year. Yes, that includes the fickle Chicago weather. This year they’re predicting a brutal winter (truth be told it’s a 50/50 bet, but still). For our food trucks, that means a big threat to sales. 

The best thing food truck freaks can do to help sustain our trucks through tumultuous times is by ordering catering from them. Many of us host family and friends for the holidays or perhaps organize office shin digs. All your favorite food trucks cater; we can’t think of a single one that doesn’t. So, consider giving any of our food trucks a ring instead of restaurants or your mom (don’t pretend you don’t put the old lady to work rolling pinwheels and turning your kitchen into a cupcakery).

What are some dishes that would be excellent catered? Out of fairness to our fleet of 60+ trucks, we looked at the most recent trucks to tweet while we’re writing this article and list our picks for which of their menu items would be great served at a party.


  • Taquero Fusion: Definitely Guacamole & Fusion Chips (tortilla chip & super delicious plantain chips that we scarf up at a rate that we prefer to not disclose)
  •  Brown Bag Lunch Truck: For the holidays Brown Bag has some classics ready to go: gourmet mac and cheese and scalloped potatoes! Garlic rice & elotes are our go-tos from BBLT.
  • Getta Polpetta: We’re not 100% sure if they do meatballs alone, but if they do they would make great apps! If not, slide this suggestion down the to Main Dish category and get the Polpetta Panino. Also, they do polpetta sliders for a hefty app that’s good for those parties happening around happy hour.
  • Duck N Roll: We die for the Mango Lychee Salse & Wonton Chips.


  • ChiTown Tamales: Tamales, obvi.
  • Brown Bag Lunch Truck: Brisket’s a crowd-pleaser and the Cherrywood Pulled Pork is one of our faves.
  • The Slide Ride: When they catered an office lunch for us, the Baby Bacon Burgers were the first to go! A new menu add that we love is the Sriracha Chicken slider.
  • La Adelita Truck: Tortas, tortas and more tortas. Choriqueso is one of our faves, and the Chicken Tinga is a solid choice too. Their enchiladas are great and a little easier to manage if people will be standing.
  • Samich Box: If you’re looking for a lighter option, The Green Goat Samich is a great choice (Crisp Granny Smith Apples layered on Top of Goat Cheese, Sliced Dates, Chopped Walnuts and Garnished w/ Baby Arugula Drizzled with Pomegranate Balsamic Glaze served on an Onion Roll).


  • Babycakes: Having a holiday brunch? Gourmet pancakes are in order. Maple Bacon would be our safe choice for a crowd-pleaser, while the Spicy Sausage Apple is a foodie-friendly, unexpected choice.
  • Samich Box: The Chicken & Waffle Samich seems like a good fit for more casual brunchy gatherings.
  • Sugarpie Cafe: If you’ve got a little southern bell/gent in ya, pick up some lemon pound cake and serve with coffee and tea. Cinnamon rolls are also a tempting option.


  • Flirty Cupcakes: Nubes to Flirty often get a kick out of cheeky names and often times pick based on that (you really can’t go wrong), so in that case the Curious George and McDreamy would be solid choices especially if you’ll be serving buffet-style and labeling your food.
  • Cupcakes for Courage: Salted caramel cake balls are a crack-like, festive choice. If you’ve got more traditional eaters, the Vanilla on Vanilla Bean is great. Kids in tow? Sprinkled cake balls. Fo sho.



  • Twitter: Shoot the truck a tweet to initiate the convo, and they’ll get in touch with you or give you the best number to reach them at
  • Google them & go to their website: Many trucks offer convenient catering forms on their websites
  • Phone: Most trucks have their phone number listed on their Facebook page and/or their website

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