Ice3 Launches a Kickstarter to Start a Store

by Tessa, October 23, 2012

One of the newest and most exciting food trucks to hit the streets of Chicago, Ice3, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to realize a brick and mortar addition for their iced creations – an “ice lounge”. As a truck, Ice3 specializes in original flavors of small batch ice cream, hand-crafted ice pops and frozen libations. I happen to be a huge fan of their “Chicago” prix fixe ice pop. Imagine having a frozen Goose Island Matilda slushie along with chilled versions of a Chicago hot dog and pizza slice finishing with the flavors of a Frango mint ice cream. It was a delicious Chicago adventure on a stick!

Now, for those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a popular online pledge system that has been helping its users fund various projects and endeavors. From their Kickstarter site, Owner Erika Stone-Miller and Chef Adam Harralson write about their plans to create America’s first “Ice Lounge”:

“Definitely not an old school ice cream parlor and not a bar with walls of ice. Our space has been designed to be modern and stylish but comfortable so you can sit, relax and chill with your peeps.  An ice cream lounge that is kid friendly, not kid-centric so Mom and Dad can really enjoy the  tradition of taking the family out for ice cream while enjoying some of the most creative and delicious ice concoctions to be found. Few Spirits Bourbon Milkshake anyone? Or maybe a Half Acre Chocolate Camaro Stout  & Espresso ice cream float?  Perhaps a glass of Rosepetal Gwertzraminer Iced Champagne?

We have the perfect location:  great visibility and foot traffic, we love the neighborhood and there’s such an eclectic mix of cultures-the perfect place for  a young innovative company to lay down roots and nurture our passion to explore the boundaries of our two favorite indulgences: all things ice and locally produced spirits.”

As of this morning, they’ve started out strong with 19 backers for the project so far. Let’s help Ice3 get the funding to get an Ice Lounge in Chicago! Please follow this link to donate to their Kickstarter campaign:

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