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What We Ate @ Food Truck Social 2013

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Food Truck Social 2013 was a success and we hope you got to enjoy it, too. But, if you didn’t (or even if you did and you enjoy #foodporn, which we bet you do), we put together pictures of what we enjoyed for your viewing pleasure.

My partner in crime for this adventure was my friend Tessa (@nuprinz). BTW She’s an awesome swing dancer and if this super awesome Charleston video with amazing shots of our beautious city gets 10k views she gets pied in the face (and they’re close), so take a look.

We hit up the Windy City Patty Wagon first. Being a big quinoa fan, the turkey & quinoa patty with pepper jack, a tangy slaw and aioli sounded provocative. It actually came with tomatoes

Turkey Quinoa Patty from Windy City Patty Wagon

Turkey Quinoa Patty from Windy City Patty Wagon

too, and a side of delicious housemade potato chips. First off, the sandwich was GIGANTIC. Literally as big as my face. As I bit into it, I tasted the delicious crust and char on the patty. I love a good char! Turkey burgers are usually underwhelming, right? They’re usually the “I’ll throw you healthy peeps a bone” afterthought item on a burger menu. Not this one. Not to put too fine a put too fine a point on it, but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten from a food truck. Ever. It didn’t taste like quinoa nor turkey, but rather an incredibly moist curry-seasoned falafel. Even my pickiest preferences were satisfied: e.g. the height was optimal; it was hearty but I didn’t have to unhinge my jaw to take a bite. My only criticism was I really dislike tomatoes and they weren’t mentioned on the menu. Also, the aioli looked like a pesto aioli, so I wonder what sauce was actually on the sandwich.

The Juddlys: Drunk & Sober

The Juddlys: Drunk & Sober

Next, we mozied on over to Fischman’s Wagyu Wagon and ordered the Drunk Juddly: 80% wagyu beef 20% bacon patty slider with onions caramelized in Maker’s Mark (hence the drunkenness), sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, arugula, and garlic aioli. We happened to run into the burger’s namesake, @TheJuddly (who happened to be sober, for the record). He said they created the burger by his request after learning he had a less-than-awesome burger from a well known burger joint. Juddly is a total food truck freak and has been a strong supporter of our trucks for a long time! The slider came with a side of fries

that, I think, overshadowed the slider. The slider was good but the fries were ridiculous. (All of our trucks seem to be hitting the fries out of the park! Fat Shallot’s truffle aioli fries, anyone?)

Bahn Mi Long Time from Chicago Lunch Box

Bahn Mi Long Time from Chicago Lunch Box

Tess picked next! Bahn Mi Long Time from Chicago Lunch Box. I’m going to preface this with saying I’m no expert in the bahn mi; Tess on the other hand has had much more filipino food than I; same goes for Juddly who also tried a bite. They both really liked it and vouched for its authenticity. The sandwich had longaniza sausage and liked that it was sliced in long strips to make for cleaner/easier eating; the sausage was topped with jalapeños, cucumbers, carrots, and onions. It was all very fresh, the baguette was light and flakey. I thought the sandwich was missing something; it was slightly dry. That said, I would definitely try another menu item from the truck.

This picture doesn't do the Pork Nachos justice.

This picture doesn’t do the Pork Nachos justice.

On the restaurant side, we tried an al pastor taco (pork shoulder, pineapple, onion, cilantro) from Big Star. Amazing as usual. Then, despite our stomachs crying for us to stop engorging them, we ordered the pork nachos with kimchi and jalapeño aioli from Saucy Porka. The nachos were another one of the dishes I’d categorize as “addictive.” They were nicely spicy for my taste (medium heat tolerance) and a bit much for Tessa (weakling heat tolerance), and a good pork-to-chip ratio (Yeah, I said it.).

Al Pastor taco from Big Star

Al Pastor taco from Big Star

In sum,

Cooking Demonstration over a Beer

Cooking Demonstration over a Beer












We got dishes one at a time, and took a seat at the picnic benches. Usually, someone would ask us where we got what we were eating and what we thought of it. The crowd was really friendly and laid back. We arrived at around 5pm, so I’m not sure if we just missed the huge crowds that usually gather at these kinds of events, but we never waited more than 6 or 7 minutes from the time we got in line to when we had food in hand. The one exception was at the very end of the night when it got cold and everyone wanted hot donuts and coffee from Beavers:

In summary, this is how we feel about Food Truck Social 2013 and fall food truck gatherings in general:


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9/21 Mega Food Truck Social & Concert Event

Food truck social 2013
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Yesterday we told you about the Vendy Awards that will take place at Kendall College, but in just 2 days 17 food trucks and a heap of restaurants that love them (some were them) will set

Yaaay so many fall food truck events!

Yaaay so many fall food truck events!

up shop for us to enjoy a smorgasbord of awesome. We gotta say, we love this event trend: this, the Vendys, and potentially monthly events in the West Loop (more to come).

The Basics

When: Saturday September 21, 2013, 11am-10pm
Where: Kendall College parking lot, 900 N. Branch St.

Admission: $5

Who: Food trucks & restaurants listed below


The Scoop

There are several new food trucks here that we’ve never tried, so when we arrive we will start by visiting these trucks: Greek Eats, Windy City Patty Wagon, Chicago Lunchbox, Husky Hog BBQ.  This is also one of Fischman’s Wagyu Wagon’s first events (if not THE first event) since relaunching, so we’ll definitely check out what’s new with them as well since being bought by Fischman’s Liquor (we assume by the name, we haven’t yet confirmed, sorry to go all CNN on you on this one).

If you are reading this and you’ve never been to a food truck in Chicago,

Do you miss Amy Le’s food via Duck n’ Roll? Have you not been able to make it to her new restaurant, Saucy Porka? Have no fear! Saucy Porka is one of the restaurants on the list of participants. Plus, arguable Chicago’s taco with the longest wait – Big Star! – will be there!

If you have tips about the other restaurants, please leave them in the comments below!


Who will be there?

On the event’s official website the following are listed as participants.

Food Trucks
*designates a truck that is outfitted to cook and prepare on board usually, though all can at a private event like this

Fischman’s Wagyu Wagon*
5411 Empanadas
Tamale Spaceship
Beavers Coffee & Donuts*
Beyond Borders
Chicago Cupcake

So many trucks! And restaurants!

So many trucks! And restaurants!

Greek Eats (New to us!)
Husky Hog BBQ*
Two Italians
Windy City Patty Wagon*
Taquero Fusion
Get Curried Away
The Slide Shoppe (a.k.a The Slide Ride- we’ll have to get the scoop on the name, comment below if you know why the change)
Chicago Lunchbox (New to us!)


Publican Quality Meats
Big Star
Longman & Eagle
Red Door
Dia De Los Tamales
Table Donkey & Stick
Saucy Porka
Puffs of Doom


Social Good

“Benefiting Share Our Strength, Cooking Matters, a national non-profit attempting to end childhood hunger in America, Chicago Food Social will bring together food aficionados in an affordable, accessible, and entertaining manner,” says the official event website.

Family Activities

“The superb culinary skills from some of the top students at the nationally acclaimed Kendall College will be on display, with local chef demonstrations, plus hands-on culinary activities for adults and kids,” says the official event website.”


Complimenting the exceptional culinary experience will be Leinenkugel and Pilsner Urquell beers, Bridlewood and Naked Grape wine offerings, Tito’s Vodka cocktails and the Tito’s 1965 air stream trailer lounge straight from the VIP section of Lollapalooza


Entertainment programmed by West Town’s Empty Bottle Presents

11:30am – Todayshits

1:15pm –  Walking Bicycles

3:00pm –  M.A.K.U. Soundsystem

5:00pm –  Otis Clay

7:00pm –  Maritime

8:30pm –  R. Stevie Moore

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Win 2 Tickets to the 1st Vendy Food Truck Awards in Chicago!

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October is near. If you ventured outside to a food truck today (or in the past week, really), the air would have indicated as much. Not gonna lie, we couldn’t be more excited. Not only do we love fall, but that means that the Vendy awards are riiiight around the corner on October 5 (full details here).



We’ve heard many a mention of the Vendy awards in other cities. Finally, they’re coming to sweet home Chicago. For $45 a person (tickets here- or win below), you can nosh on dishes from trucks nominated by the community (polls still open here) and bottomless beer from Brooklyn Brewery at Kendall College. Then, enjoy the mini awards ceremony. To us, that’s a perfect fall afternoon.

The fine folks over at the Vendys thought y’all might like the chance to win a free pair of tickets. Yes? Here’s how we’re going to do it!

Comment on THIS blog post and leave your Twitter name or some other way to be contacted should you be the lucky doggy to win. Each person should only leave 1 comment, por favor! Dupes will be eliminated.

At 5 CT on Friday, I will make & tweet a Vine that shows each person’s name who commented on the post on a piece of paper, fold them all up and have a random person draw one out of a bag. I’ll notify the winner via the method posted in the blog post AND post the winner on the blog post just in case.

If I don’t hear back from the winner by Sunday at noon, I’m drawing again! GOOD LUCK! Share with friends and make them all pinky swear they’ll you if they win.

P.S.  We just realized we can GIF up these blog posts. Get excited/you have been warned.


UPDATE: Congrats to Bret @bqdaddy, winner of the tickets! Thanks to all who entered, hope to see you there! Today I was asked to judge the Vendy’s, and obvi I accepted, so say hi if you see me (Alex)!

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Cole’s Texas Toast Food Truck Tale Gate

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Who doesn’t love Texas Toast? When I was contact recently by Cole’s to try their new products (in conjunction with the Hidden Valley Ranch folks) that they’re introducing around the country via food truck during their “Tasty Tailgate Tour,” so I hopped on board (figuratively speaking).  ColesTexasToast (2)

My first question? “What are the new flavors?” I love me some garlic bread, top it with more interesting flavors and I’m even more excited. The new flavors that they’re launching are:

  • Chipotle BBQ Texas Toast
  • Spicy Buffalo Texas Toast
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Sticks
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Texas Toast

I went to Jewel, Dominick’s, Mariano’s and a Neighborhood Walmart. My Neighboorhood Walmart was the only one that had them- minus the chipotle BBQ (which was actually kind of fine by me because I’m not big on chipotle). I was guessing they’d be around $4 each but they were around $2.40.

I popped a variety of them in the oven when I got home, heavying up on the ones I might like more (the ranch cheese sticky and spicy BBQ) since I had friends coming over soon and of course wouldn’t deny them whichever they wanted.

The ranch cheese sticks were far and away my favorite. They bread was fluffy and cheese gooey; they were laden with butteryness and flavor, a hint of ranch but not overpowering. Not having an Olive Garden in Chicago, I miss a good breadstick (don’t judge, chain haters- I DARE YOU to show me an awesome centrally-located breadstick; I haven’t found one).

ColesTexasToastYumThe spicy buffalo was good, not great. It had a hint of smokiness and spiciness, but didn’t really “go there” with either. If I were to have been blind taste tested and made to guess the flavor, I’m not certain I would have guessed correctly. I might have actually mistaken it for the chipotle BBQ.

I was super bummed by the Ranch Texas Toast. I wasn’t *as* excited by it because I thought it was going to be a shoe-in. Instead, I was surprised at how sour it was. Thinking that perhaps the flavor just wasn’t right due to oven cooking (undercooked, maybe? maybe a bit of a char will make it perfect?), I tossed another slice on the stove. That toned down the sourness a bit, but still made me pucker a bit. I like the idea so much that in the future, I might actually try the standard Cole’s Texas Toast and sprinkle on a pinch from packet of Hidden Valley Ranch’s dry mix (that exists, right?).Cole's Tasty Tailgate Airstream and Trailer

Try them for yourself! Cole’s Texas Toast truck will be at the Chicagoland Speedway this weekend September 13-15 for the NASCAR races. If you’re going to be there, hit them up for some samples!

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8/29 Food Truck Party

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There are few things we love more than a bunch of awesome food trucks congregating downtown in an area with abundant parking, seating, and that is BYOB (not to be enjoyed by the same who are driving, obvi- be safe peeps).

Tonight, that’s happening and we’re going! Want to join? Here’s the deets!

When: Thursday 8/29 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: The Garage 116 N Aberdeen St. Chicago, Il 60607

Who? (Note: Almost all of these guys have cooking licenses! Except Chicago Cupcakes & Gladwell, because, well, they make cupcakes and frozen treats).

The Salsa Truck
The Fat Shallot
Husky Hog BBQ
Jerk 312
Beaver’s Coffee & Donuts
Chicago Cupcakes
The Gladwell Company (frozen treats)

Bonus Detail: Charity Involvement

The organizer, Salsa Truck owner Dan Salls says: “We will all be working in support of the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help fight hunger in our great city. To learn more, visit:

Come out and enjoy!

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Friday Food Truck Party: 2nd Annual Techweek Food Truck Faceoff

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Got plans tonight (after you’ve heeded the words of Mayor Emanuel and considered today your Ferris Buehler’s Day off, hopefully sans a sidekick in a Red Wings jersey)? Head over to the Merchandise Mart to catch some food truck festivities!
What: Second Annual Techweek Food Truck Face Off

As if you needed another reason to attend, look at this uber talented and studly lineup of judges. (Not sure which, if any of them are single, but....*cue Single Ladies*)

As if you needed another reason to attend, look at this uber talented and studly lineup of judges. (Not sure which, if any of them are single, but….*cue Single Ladies*)

When: Friday, June 28, 6 PM – 9 PM
Where: South Drive of the Merchandise Mart overlooking the Chicago River
Who: Techies, Foodies and Food Truck Chefs – judges even include former Mr. Meatyball himself, Phil Foss
Admission is free and open to the public! Trucks will be offering $2, so bring plenty o’ singles.

Published food truck lineup:

TechWeek Food Truck Faceoff LineUp

We would like to sign off this blog post with the closing line from the e-mail from the TechWeeks peeps…quite possibly our favorite e-mail signoff of all times: “Experience
first-hand the food truck phenomenon…nom…nom…nom…”

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Chicago Judge Advances Food Truck Lawsuit

This is definitely just a first step to the bigger goal, but it is a major victory for food trucks since they will get their day in court. FINALLY.
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AND THE CROWD GOES WILD FOR JUDGE PETER FLYNN! Today, the lawsuit filed against the City of Chicago by the Institute of Justice was brought in front of the judge. The lawsuit claims that the 200ft buffer that food trucks must put between themselves and any existing

“restaurant” (steakhouse to gas station) and mandatory GPS requirements are unconstitutional. The judge heard IJ’s argument as well as the city’s; his honesty and reason provided a much-needed dose of honesty and reason on the legislative side of things.

Here’s a summary of what he said, according to DNA Info and the live tweets we’ve gathered from Kristin Casper, co-owner of Schnitzel King, one of the food trucks represented in the lawsuit:

1) 200 Foot Ban: “Judge Peter Flynn said the effect of the city’s ordinance, which forbids food trucks from setting up shop within 200 feet of an established restaurant, appeared to be to ‘exclude food trucks from the entire Loop and then some…Flynn took issue with the ordinance’s definition of a restaurant to include convenience stores like 7-Eleven.’” “Judge says the purpose and regulation doesn’t match up re: 200 ft rule”-@kristinrcasper

2) GPS Requirements: The judge isn’t “comfortable” with this part of the city’s ordinance. He wanted to know “how the city proposes to protect against misuse of the data.” The judge asked “Does the city have the right to put GPS on all cars & monitor?”

The Sun Times reports “…requiring food truck operators to install GPS systems so the city and the public can monitor their whereabouts — violates the vendors’ rights ‘to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures.’”

3) Next Steps There will be a status on September 10, but the actual court hearing is TBD.

For the first time perhaps ever, there is a glimmer of hope on the legislative horizon for food trucks in Chicago all because a reasonable judge. ”This is a big win, make no mistake about it,” said Bert Gall, an attorney for theInstitute for Justice, also nicknamed the Patron Saint to Food Trucks. “We get a chance to show this was protectionist legislation….The city was trying to cut this case off at the knees, and it failed.”



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4 Delicious Food Truck Recipes

Orange Dream Cupcakes
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You know how we know summer is nearing? We get multiple e-mails a week from new food trucks! And MAN do they make us giddy for the months ahead. We will tell you more about them next week (hint: one truck’s concept is they sell all things in patty form)!

That also means that The Taste is near. Despite all the stupid politics around food trucks, we of course will be there to support our trucks! A group of us food truck freaks can visit the trucks and nosh together. Join us at 4:30pm on Thursday July 11; the music portion (Estelle and Robin Thicke) take the stage at 5:30. Comment below or tweet @foodtruckfreak if you plan to join!

For now, we want to share with you some great recipes the folks from Eat St. sent us to share in honor of their 4th season airing and new cookbook sittin’ pretty on shelves.

(BTW Eat St. airs on Mondays at 11:00pm and 11:30pm ET on Food Network Canada and on Tuesdays at 8:00pm ET on Cooking Channel. If you want a gazillion-ish more food truck recipes, you can get the full book Eat St.: Recipes from the Tastiest, Messiest, and Most Irresistible Food Trucks by James Cunningham at bookstores or online).


Kung Pao Chicken from The Rice Box, Houston

Nacho Grande Poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie, Toronto

Malaysian Lime-Chili Tofu Grilled Burritos from Roaming Dragon, Vancouver

Orange Cream Dream Cupcakes from The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck in Orlando

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Food Truck-Based Movie “Free Samples” Released Today

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Weixler and Eisenberg at the truck

Weixler and Eisenberg at the truck

Today a movie revolving around a single food truck launches. It’s not a documentary, it’s more like Juno meets Groundhogs Day. Dry humor, all things hipster, and the same thing happening over and over with a slight variant each time. It appeared in the 2012 Tribeca Film festival (among many others), and is now coming to us!

The basis of the storyline is a girl (played by Jess Weixler) works on a food truck for a day, largely because her hangover weakened her will to protest a friend’s plea to fill in for her. So, she’s stuck in a metal box under the strong California sun serving a single sample of ice cream to each person who comes up to the truck. She’s romanced throughout the movie by Jesse Eisenberg (of The Social Network) in a slightly Napoleon-and-Deb type fashion, with all the awkwardness plus a sprinkle of aggression. We don’t want to tell you too much about the movie itself, but we do think people who like food trucks might enjoy it, so we want to give you some additional deets we got from Weixler and director Jay Gammill (below).

Weixler said the heat in the truck was made even more fierce by all the lights for filming and can definitely sympathize with food truck owners who are in trucks in hot weather day in and day out. However, despite feeling claustrophic in the small space, she said it came with a certain sense of power as well. “You have people something want,” she said, adding that the vantage point added to the feeling of power.

That fleeting ascendancy was reflected back to her by comedian and Chicagoan Matt Walsh, whose moment of improv ranked as one of our favorite lines in the movie; he said, “You food truck people think you’re so cool. You’re not! I can get ice cream from the store.” Gammill said this unscripted moment is exemplary of Walsh’s fine improv chops. Upon further investigation *coughfivesecondsonimdbcough* we found out that Walsh co-founded the Upright Citizens Brigage with Amy Poehler and a couple others, and he was also in big movies like Ted and The Hangover.

So, if they could open their own food trucks, what kind would they be? Without missing a beat, Gammill said “tacos.” (We’ll try not to read into that too much, but we’re guessing that might be an indication that he either loves all things classic. Or isn’t a foodie. We sometimes forget that not all people google “new food trucks” for fun.) Weixler at first said sushi, then took that back wondering how that would be logistically possible to maintain food freshness, then replaced that response with “fried food” or a thai/mexican fusion truck (we would so go to that truck).

Our take on the movie? Weixler is dynamic and fun to watch, the food truck freaks (and freaky laypeople) are interesting enough you wonder who will come next, and you get thrown a less funny/more serious curveball now and then. it’s not a mind-bender but it’s quirky and enjoyable and BOY do we love a movie that has a food truck on screen more often than not.

If you are now so intrigued that you want to make the leap and see the movie, it is on iTunes today! Nope, it won’t be in theaters in Chicago. So just go on iTunes. Or Amazon Instant.

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Saucy Porka Launch

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Saucy Porka LogoAbout 2 years ago I started this blog because I was living in a corporate “food desert” of sorts. There were 2 quick lunch options around and, for a person who tends not to bring their lunch, that got old quick. Now, I work in an area where there are quite a few options but yet they all seem pretty homogenous. They’re chains. On Monday May 7 a restaurant is opening that I already crave: Saucy Porka. And, it just so happens that it has deep food truck roots.

Amy Le, who started Duck N Roll, is opening this breakfast-lunch joint in the heart of the financial district. I invited a hungry, food-loving friend and we ordered way too many items on the menu for our stomachs to bear (our eyes thought it was a phenomenal idea). In fact, the menu was a wonderful oasis in an area desolate of fresh ingredients and tastiness yet laden with a gajillion fast food chains (side note: a nearby chain is owned by one of the corporations who testified to continue to exile food trucks from the city center *coughwowbaocough*).

The concept is a Latin-Asian fusion restaurant. There are menu items familiar to food truck x
freaks who have tried Le’s fare, layered with the delish dishes from the talented Chef Rafael Lopez, who once worked for the Wagyu Wagon food truck. While there are Latin-Asian fusion restaurants in Chicago, the best way we can distinguish this one is that it feels honest yet inventive.

Here’s what the two of us ordered (don’t judge):

  • Chorizo Egg Roll Chihuahua cheese, sweet potato, red cabbage, onion avocado aioli: Not gonna lie, can’t pass up an egg roll. This could have easily gone super greasy, with the chorizo and fried-ness and such, but it wasn’t. This was the dish that was gone just as quickly as it was set on our table.
  • Umami Nachos topped with your choice of pork, chicken or meatless with scallions, pineapple, tomatoes, and queso fresco cheese: We didn’t get meat on ours, and neither of us are fans of pineapple nor tomato. I know, why the heck did we order it? It still sounded great, and Le’s mango salsa is a long-time fave, and this did not dissapoint. The chips were substantial enough to hold the hefty toppings, but they tasted light enough that we still had room for the entrees. We did note though that there wasn’t a stand-out ingredient of the dish, we missed a power player like something spicy or salty. Bacon? Jalapeño? We had solid Pipens and Rodmans, but longed for a Jordan.
  • Curry Sweet Potato Fries served with queso fresco cheese. My +1 ordered this. If there are 2 things I don’t like it’s sweet potatoes and curry, so I had little interest in this. After one bite, I reconsidered it all. Of all our apps, this was the one that was so craveable and perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Asian Style Paella served with Chinese Lap Chang pork sausage, chorizo, edamame, scallions, and cilantro. The sausage wasn’t the crumbled Mexican-stlye chorizo I expected; it was sliced sausage-style chorizo (not true Spanish style either, it was less greasy and more subtle). The pork was the mouth-watering protein in this dish, doled out in mouth-water chunks atop a bed of beautifully seasoned rice with its trusty spicy sausage sidekick playing a complimentary Robin to its Batman.
  • Domo Arigato miso braised beef short ribs served on French baguette topped with a pickled Asian slaw: My friend got this and, as a baco virgin, didn’t know what to expect. She recognized the dough from baos, but seemed to appreciate the presence of the slaw that balanced out the heftiness of the meat and masa (what do you call bao dough/bread?)IMG_1194
  • Cupcakes Our food truck-loving conscience told us we couldn’t leave without trying the two cupcakes Flirty Cupcakes food truck made especially for Saucy Porka. Yes, you can get food truck fare at this brick-and-mortar! We even heard other food truck owners lent their support to help prepare for the night; that’s the kind of love food truck owners have for one another hear (eat that, NYC). One was a Mexican Chocolate cupcake and the other was a Ginger Lemon cupcake. We thought it was pretty cool that the two had collaborated to create desserts that weren’t just there to have a sweet to finish the meal, but they were thoughful and meaningful collaborations. I was hoping for a more potent ginger presence in the Ginger Lemon cupcake, but l liked that the frosting was so thick it legit cut like butter. For those of you who have read this blog for a hot minute, you know I don’t have a sweet tooth; I’ll defer to you all to rate these cup-sized cakes.

If you are downtown in the near future between the hours of 8am-4pm, let your behind over to Saucy Porka. They open Monday May 7, so let’s support Amy! We’ll be back opening day to wrap both a figurative and literal hug around Ms. Le, and hope to see you there too! Also, though our eyes were roughly 12x the size of our stomaches, there is a significant portion of the menu we have yet to eat through, so tell everyone what you think in the comments below!

Saucy Porka

400 S. Financial Pl (Cross St: Wells, a couple doors down from Dunkin’)
Open Monday – Friday 8am-4pm


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