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September 12, 2013


Who doesn’t love Texas Toast? When I was contact recently by Cole’s to try their new products (in conjunction with the Hidden Valley Ranch folks) that they’re introducing around the country via food truck during their “Tasty Tailgate Tour,” so I hopped on board (figuratively speaking).  ColesTexasToast (2)

My first question? “What are the new flavors?” I love me some garlic bread, top it with more interesting flavors and I’m even more excited. The new flavors that they’re launching are:

  • Chipotle BBQ Texas Toast
  • Spicy Buffalo Texas Toast
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Cheese Sticks
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Texas Toast

I went to Jewel, Dominick’s, Mariano’s and a Neighborhood Walmart. My Neighboorhood Walmart was the only one that had them- minus the chipotle BBQ (which was actually kind of fine by me because I’m not big on chipotle). I was guessing they’d be around $4 each but they were around $2.40.

I popped a variety of them in the oven when I got home, heavying up on the ones I might like more (the ranch cheese sticky and spicy BBQ) since I had friends coming over soon and of course wouldn’t deny them whichever they wanted.

The ranch cheese sticks were far and away my favorite. They bread was fluffy and cheese gooey; they were laden with butteryness and flavor, a hint of ranch but not overpowering. Not having an Olive Garden in Chicago, I miss a good breadstick (don’t judge, chain haters- I DARE YOU to show me an awesome centrally-located breadstick; I haven’t found one).

ColesTexasToastYumThe spicy buffalo was good, not great. It had a hint of smokiness and spiciness, but didn’t really “go there” with either. If I were to have been blind taste tested and made to guess the flavor, I’m not certain I would have guessed correctly. I might have actually mistaken it for the chipotle BBQ.

I was super bummed by the Ranch Texas Toast. I wasn’t *as* excited by it because I thought it was going to be a shoe-in. Instead, I was surprised at how sour it was. Thinking that perhaps the flavor just wasn’t right due to oven cooking (undercooked, maybe? maybe a bit of a char will make it perfect?), I tossed another slice on the stove. That toned down the sourness a bit, but still made me pucker a bit. I like the idea so much that in the future, I might actually try the standard Cole’s Texas Toast and sprinkle on a pinch from packet of Hidden Valley Ranch’s dry mix (that exists, right?).Cole's Tasty Tailgate Airstream and Trailer

Try them for yourself! Cole’s Texas Toast truck will be at the Chicagoland Speedway this weekend September 13-15 for the NASCAR races. If you’re going to be there, hit them up for some samples!

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