Flirty Cupcakes Serves Halloween-Themed Confections

It’s Halloween time! You know what that means? Super cute Halloween-themed cupcakes from the Flirty Cupcake Van! Their Halloween cupcakes are inspired by candies that are staples in trick or treat bags. From now until Halloween, Flirty Cupcakes will feature a Trick-or-Treat pack featuring four mini bite-sized candy inspired cupcakes. Each pack will include one of the following:

Snickers: Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts…need we say more?

Almond Joy: Chocolate with a coconut macaron filling and chocolate ganache frosting topped with coconut and almond.

Hot Tamale: A red velvet cupcake infused with hot cinnamon and a cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Candy Corn: A vanilla cupcake with a sugared vanilla buttercream

Though you can get them at the truck, you may also want to save yourself the time and effort (let’s be honest, could you turn out cupcakes that are this cute and delicious?) and order them for your Halloween party. To order the cupcakes for a party, they just need 48 hours notice and you call . One dozen cupcakes is $35 and 36 mini cupcakes is $46.