Food Truck Freak Dashboard

July 13, 2011

Below is a list of Chicago’s food truck fleet to the best of our knowledge. It grows quickly (yay!) so check back often for updates. 

Are we missing a food truck? Let us know!

  1. 5411 Empanadas (Argentine)
  2. The Adelita Truck (Mexican)
  3. Baby Cakes (Pancakes)
  4. Bang Bang Coffee & Pie (Baked Goods)
  5. Beavers Coffee and Donuts (Donuts)
  6. Bergstein’s NY Deli (Sandwiches)
  7. Beyond Borders (Farm-to-Truck Sandwiches)
  8. Big Star (Mexican)
  9. Bombay Wraps (Indian)
  10. Brand BBQ (Barbecue)
  11. Bridgeport Pasty Company (British)
  12. Brown Bag Lunch (BBQ)
  13. Caponies Express (Italian)
  14. Carbon’s Kitchen (Waffles)
  15. Cheese Force One – Lake County (Grilled Cheese)
  16. Cheesie’s (All things cheese)
  17. Chicago Schnitzel King (Austrian/German)
  18. ChiTown Cheesecake (Sweets)
  19. Chi-Town Tamale (Mexican)
  20. Chicago Cupcake (Cupcakes)
  21. Chubby Wieners (Hot dogs)
  22. Culture Frozen Yougurt (FroYo)
  23. Cupcake Gangsters (Cupcake Gangsters)
  24. Cupcakes for Courage (Sweets)
  25. Curried (Indian)
  26. Curry Cruiser (Indian)
  27. Don Rafa (Mexican)
  28. Eastman Egg Co. (Eggs)
  29. Enemy Kitchen
  30. Eleaven  (More info coming soon)
  31. Fido To Go (For Dogs)
  32. Fire It Up (American)
  33. Flavor 180 (American & Italian)
  34. Flirty Cupcakes (Sweets)
  35. Forever Yogurt (FroYo)
  36. Gelato D’Oro (Gelato)
  37. Getta Polpetta (Meatballs)
  38. Gigi’s Bake Shop (Baked Goods)
  39. Gia Via Sweets (Baked Goods)
  40. Haute Sausage (Sausage)
  41. Hummingbird Kitchen (Unknown)
  42. Husky Hog BBQ (BBQ)
  43. Ice3 (Frozen Desserts)
  44. Ja’ Grill (Jamaican)
  45. Jerk 312 (Jamaican)
  46. Lillie’s Q Meat Mobile (BBQ)
  47. Meatloaf a Go Go (American)
  48. MoJo Express (Donuts & Coffee)
  49. More Cupcakes (Sweets)
  50. Pecan and Charlie’s Mobile Cupcakery  (Baked goods)
  51. Pleasant House Bakery (English)
  52. Soups in the Loop (Soup)
  53. Southern Mac (American)
  54. St Martean (Vegan)
  55. Starfruit Café (FroYo)
  56. Steakw’ch (American)
  57. SugarPie Café (Sweets)
  58. Sweet Miss Givings (Sweets)
  59. Sweet Ride (Sweets)
  60. Sweetie Cakes (Sweets)
  61. Tamale Foodie (Mexican)
  62. Tamale Spaceship (Mexican)
  63. Taquero Fusion (Mexican)
  64. The Big Shish (Mediterranean)
  65. The Fat Shallot (Savory, Variety)
  66. The Gladwell Company (Ice cream/Frozen treats)
  67. The Patty Wagon (Anything in patty form)
  68. The Roost (Southern)
  69. The Salsa Truck (Mexican)
  70. The Slide Ride (Sandwiches)
  71. The Wagyu Wagon (Wagyu Beef)
  72. Toasty Cheese (Cheesy things)
  73. Windy City Patty Wagon (Everything in patty form)
  74. Wow Bao (Asian)
  75. Zullo’s Food Truck (Italian)
These trucks are associated with Chicago Park District, tend to be parked in the same spot every day, can cook on board and are regulated differently than gourmet food trucks that roam the streets.
  1. Isla de Café (Breakfast, Soups & Sandwiches)
  2. Hot Bunz (Hot dogs)
  3. La esquina del sabor (Puerto Rican)

OFF THE ROAD (permanently or hibernating)

  1. Samich Box (Sandwiches)
  2. Duck N Roll (Asian)
  3. Dokkaebi tacos (Korean Tacos)