Food Truck Freak Does New York City

January 20, 2014

Get excited for a brand new chapter of Food Truck Freak! I’m excited to announce I’ve moved to New York City for an awesome new job (can you find me on the roster?), and have already stumbled a bunch of great food trucks!

Due to the amount of food trucks in New York and the much more constitutional laws allowing them to park where patrons are, I will once again be able to blog regularly about the mobile noms. Yes, for those who have been readers for a bit, that WAS a snarky *shakefist* at Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city alderman who have failed to provide Chicago entrepreneurs the same constitutional rights to make a living without arbitrary government interference. The distance bans in particular make it tough for Chicago food trucks to reach their customers, which in turn made it super hard for me to continue blogging about them since I wasn’t at a hotspot like 600 W. Chicago or the lucky pants over at University of Chicago.

Rest assured, I will absolutely stay abreast of the lawsuit against the city. Heck, if it passes, I’ll come back and host a partay. Until then, I’ll be posting food truck #foodporn from Manhattan.

Know of food trucks in the New York City area I need to check out? Leave a list in the comments below and I’ll add it to my list!

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