Food Truck Thursdays are BACK!

We’re trying to contain our excitement, but really we are beyond excited to announce this: Food truck Thursdays are back! After Ethyl’s closed last August, our first thought was, “But where will we spend our Thursday nights this summer?” Fear not. At first it won’t be exactly as it was last year, but it nearly so. Read on for details.

Matt Maroni of Gaztro-Wagon was organizing Thursday nights at Ethyl’s last summer, but this summer Aaron Crumbaugh of Wagyu Wagon is taking on the task of Thursday night party master. Though Ethyl’s is closed, there is still outdoor seating for you to park your hiney while enjoying food truck fare. Also, Crumbaugh says you are free to bring your own booze. Plus, there’s plenty of parking. Win win win.

If you’re not already exploding with glee, we received the lineup for the next few weeks (subject to change):

APRIL 12th

  1. Getta Polpetta
  2. Taquero Fusion
  3. Chicago Schnitzel King
  4. Tamale Spaceship
  5. Haute Sausage
  6. Gigis Bake Shop
  7. Wagyu Wagon

APRIL 19th

  1. The Slide Ride
  2. Steakw’ch
  3. Flavor 180
  4. Eleaven
  5. Curry Cruiser
  6. Gia Via Sweets
  7. Wagyu Wagon

APRIL 26th

  1. La Adelita
  2. Southern Mac
  3. Vegan Food Truck
  4. Brown Bag Truck
  5. Duck in Roll
  6. Flirty Cupcakes
  7. Wagyu Wagon

What this news reeeally means is that summer is upon us. See you at Ethyl’s on Thursday nights, food truck freaks! What was your favorite part about Thursday nights at Ethyl’s last year? The music, the option to sit, the crowd of fellow food truck freaks, the variety of trucks, being able to sip on some cocktails, being able to plan ahead? Let’s hear it!


324 S Racine
(between Jackson Blvd & Gladys Ave)
Chicago, IL 60607