Grand Opening of The Southern Mac & Cheese Store

The Southern Mac & Cheese store opened on Friday to a very excited crowd. Hoards of people waited both inside and around the block to get their hands on one of the thirteen varieties of macaroni and cheese available on the menu.

Out of the 10 people we asked, only one person had eaten from the Southern Mac & Cheese truck, while two others said that they had seen the truck before. Marie Campbell (see picture), a data entry professional, said she had seen the truck before, but the line was too long for her to wait. Many passers-by seemed to stop simply because they loved the concept of a macaroni and cheese restaurant.

Diner Marie Campbell enjoys her macaroni & cheese.

Families, college students and business people funneled in the doors, keeping the restaurant busy throughout the lunch hour. The teensy weensy storefront falsely leads people to believe that the restaurant itself is tiny. We were surprised at just how much space and seating there was inside. There are standard tables and chairs as well as a counter lining the east wall where you can grab a stool and dig into your food. The path from the door to the register is a wide one, so you aren’t like to get elbowed even during the busiest hours.

Vegetarians, get excited: their veggie menu is equally as robust as their menu with meat. The restaurant is located at 60 E. Lake St. and is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays (6 p.m. on weekends).