Homage Street Food Truck to Begin Offering Menu at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge

Homage Street Food recently announced a new partnership with Lizard’s Liquid Lounge that will help bring inventive, made-to-order street food to the hungry masses of Chicago a little faster and a little fresher. The partnership, which was recently featured in TimeOut Chicago’s October 20-26 issue, will also provide the opportunity for Homage Street food to host monthly “pop-up” dinners while continuing to pressure city hall to change the restrictive ordinances against cooking on food trucks. 
Homage Street Food recently moved out of a shared kitchen in the suburbs and into a kitchen at Lizard’s Liquid Lounge located at Irving Park and Albany. With the time between food preparation and delivery greatly reduced, fans of Homage Street Food’s unique global cuisine can expect an even higher level of quality. Teaming up with Lizard’s Liquid Lounge is a natural fit for both parties, as bar patrons can now enjoy a limited menu of global street food dishes each night in addition to our regular truck operations.
Though Homage is not the first food truck in Chicago with a brick and mortar base, they will be the first in Chicago where people can order street food in a full pub.  Plans are in the works to expand this opportunity by hosting monthly “popup” dinners. These dinners, which have gained a wildly popular reputation in New York, LA, San Francisco and Europe, turn over the kitchen to guest sous chefs where they will be able to showcase their own menus for one night only. Homage Street Food has been in talks with a couple local breweries, where they will partner up and pair dishes with local beers for these events as well.
As many Chicagoans know, cooking and preparing food on trucks is illegal on city streets making us the only major city in the nation unable to fully embrace the food truck movement. These antiquated rules have made Chicagoans who love both food and food trucks suffer by forcing food truck owners to prepare and wrap and label food before they are allowed to sell it from food warmers.  This means no special orders, food must be able to withstand a 145 degree warmer for a few hours, and increased food costs.  Homage Street Food continues to work with other food truck owners who hope to one day prepare fresh food to order on city streets.
With big changes on the horizon and new opportunities “popping up” for Chicago’s food scene, Homage Street Food is
excited about the coming months and won’t rest until everyone in the Windy City has tried the global street foods they
lovingly prepare each day.