New Food Truck Alert: Curry Cruiser

A shiny lunch truck. Some awesome food. And a really cool turban. Seriously, this is what photographer, graphic designer and Curry Cruiser founder Amar Singh is doing now. Or in other words, he’s focused on showcasing his style of regional Indian curries and chutneys, rolled in a handmade rustic Indian flatbread, on a food truck on the streets of Chicago.  

Amar’s food blends cultures to create a cuisine influenced by his upbringing and refined by his experiences.  His parents upbringing in Burma and his time traveling throughout south asia, paired with growing up in the cultural diverse city of Chicago. Taking everything he has learned from living abroad, his mother’s style of cooking and the essence of exotic Indian spices, Amar created the wonderful flavor combinations that make up the Curry Cruiser.  Amar describes “the flavors as distinctly Indian blended with some non-traditional ideas to enhance the overall food experience. Imagine the smells of caramelized onions, garlic and chilies, intermingling with exotic indian spices.  Add in pickled vegetables, vibrant chutneys, and a fresh housemade soft and chewy rustic Indian flatbread. It’s this rich mix of color, flavors and textures that are the essence in the Curry Cruisers signature Curryrolls.”

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twitter: @currycruiser