New Truck Alert: Brown Sugar Café

Truck owner Eunice Jackson with her truck

Brown Sugar Café is going to be one of the new kids on the block…next week! Brown Sugar scheduled to launch their dessert truck on September 30, 2011.

“Everything is baked from scratch with high quality ingredients,” says truck owner Eunice Jackson, who has over 20 years of baking experience. She said that the recipes are inspired by her Southern roots. She grew up in Chicago while spending her summers down south.

Opening a traditional bakery didn’t appeal to Eunice. “I never really was interested in a storefront because I’m not fond of fixed hours.  I prefer the flexiblity and greater customer exposure.” A girl after our own hearts. So, what is her favorite part about the food truck scene? “I love the flexibility, the diversity of foods available, the diverse group of people you come in contact with, and getting into the neighborhoods to enjoy our beautiful city!” She has even been on the consumer end of food trucks, noting 5411′s beef empanada and Taquero Fusion tacos among her favorite dishes, and she said she is stoked to try food from all of our city’s trucks!

Even though Jackson has “no intentions of baking on the truck,” she said that current legislation affects her menu. How so?  ”Assembling some items sometime is nice because it allows for a fresher tasting product.  So those items in that category I just won’t offer because I refuse to sacrifice taste or quality.”

The Brown Sugar truck menu will rotate items daily and include desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, brownies and a variety of other pastries. Brown Sugar also offers to roll up to the curb for private parties, corporate delivery orders, and catering services.