New Truck Alert: Duck N’ Roll

Today we get a fresh new addition to our food truck bregade: the Duck N’ Roll truck!

They describe their concept as: “…inspired by Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches, with a contemporary take on flavors from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand.” After taking a look at their menu, they deliver on that promise. Not only are there lots of fun variations on the bánh mì, Duck N’ Roll also puts their own Asian-inspired spin on chips and salsa. Here is the menu that we found on their website today:

 Amy Le, co-owner of the truck, is a Loyola University Chicago graduate and daughter of an entrepreneurial mother who came to the U.S. from Vietnam as a refugee. The Duck N’ Roll truck is a tribute to Amy’s mom. On their website, they also point out that duck is considered to be good luck in many Asian cultures and is often served for special occasions. That is a thoughtful detail that we appreciate, and makes the truck that much more special in our eyes.

Though our beloved Slide Ride has served up delicious bánh mì slides, and Homage Street Food has some great Asian-inspired dishes, Duck N’ Roll is the first truck that solely serves Asian-inspired food. That’s kind of a big deal, food truck freaks! Little by little, our food trucks scene is starting to resemble that of other major cities with highly developed food truck cultures (despite our major Achilles heel: not legally being able to cook on board).

According to their Twitter feed, they debut tonight at 1111 Cherry St. (on Goose Island near Kendall College) from 6 – 8 p.m.and officially hit the streets on Monday (October 31). Welcome, Duck N’ Roll!

Plus, we give this truck an A+ for design (web, logo, and truck). We can’t wait to see if their packaging is equally as beautiful!