Review: Bob & Jo Truck

April 1, 2014

How can you see the super hero-reminiscent logo and NOT stop to check out this truck? Bob & Jo Truck is describes themselves as Korean fusion cuisine. I stumbled upon them on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, on 22nd St. right off 5th Ave. Bob and Jo's Food Truck

As I browsed the menu, I was offered a full cup of steaming hot delicious soup. Though the sun was out, it was still a chilly day and this was a welcome warm treat. The soup was brothy with substantial amount of fresh corn, large slices of mushrooms, and rice. After enjoying that, I was excited to see what else these gents had cooking.

I got to the truck around 2pm when they were wrapping up, so many items were sold out and when I ordered chicken and rice platter he asked if it was okay to add half portion of chicken (all that remained) and half portion of beef. In fact, that sounded even better! I wanted to try both. Bob & Jo’s “special sauce” was drizzled on top. It’s a creamy sriracha with some smokiness, and I believe a hint of curry? Whatever it was, I’d buy it in a bottle if they sold it!

The meats were both delicious and perfectly cooked, tender, and juicy. The beef was my favorite of the two because it was seasoned with a delicious blend of seasonings. While the chicken was well-seasoned in that it was salted and not bland, the beef was infused with a variety of herbs and spices that made it equally delicious with or without the special sauce.

The meat came on a bed of rice and a side of very fresh salad, which was nice to offset the heavy meat. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of my meal here and will be tracking there whereabouts. They’ll also make it on my shortlist of must-try trucks in New York. Ya I just made that up right this minute.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

NOTE: Bob & Jo accepts CASH ONLY!

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