Review: Midtown Empanada Cart

February 13, 2014

Usually I write about gourmet food trucks, but in New York street food is unlike what we have in Chicago. Why? Because we don’t have street food in Chicago. Why?

NYC Empanada Cart

Because it’s prohibited by law and pretty much always has been. So, we don’t have the street food culture that cities like New York do. As the saying goes, though, when in Rome, eat from an empanada cart with a smiley empanada face on the side!

I was somewhere around 7th avenue and 39th Street (I’ll admit I was darting back from fabric mecca Mood Fabrics on a lunch break, so it’s near Mood). I peeked in the warming cabinet and saw ginormous empanadas that were flakey and seemingly fresh. So I got one. It was only $2!

The crust was flakey and crunchy, much more so than I would have expected for an empanada sitting in a warmer for who knows how long. It dripped with beef juices when I bit into it (though not as much as Nuchas truck).

I think I may just start checking out these little carts more often!

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