Review: Valducci’s Original Pizza Truck

March 1, 2014

Every now and then, we’ll get a spring-like day in Manhattan. When that occurs, the food trucks pop out of the woodwork! I was stoked to see a bunch of trucks near my house, and have since every nice day since (during the week). So, we now have a steady stream of food trucks to review while I gain my street food bearings here, guys! food truck, new york, manhattan, pizza

First up, let’s talk about Valducci’s. Obviously, New York is known for their pizza. When we think of a New York slice, however, we’re talking about a slice that’s: thin, doughy, face-sized, floppy, triangular, light in color (not charred), un-topped rim of crust left to grab the pizza from.

Sicilian pizza is a whole different beast, and is also very common around town. It is: square-cut, rigid, denser dough, buttery & crispy crust, very crisp crust pressed into the size of the pan like Chicago-style and all toppings go to the edge. It actually seems likely a hybrid of Chicago pizza and New York pizza to me.

Peppers and Onion Sicilian Pizza Slice

Peppers and Onion Sicilian Pizza Slice

I’ve had a few slices of Sicilian pizza while in New York, one of which was from Valducci’s Original Pizza Truck on a Monday while parking on 5th Avenue around 18th Street for lunch. I opted for the pepper and onion slice. They popped it into the oven behind them. I was surprised to see a full-sized pizza oven in the truck! The slice was fresh as can be, from being piping hot and crispy to the fresh and thick-cut veggies on top. The sauce was good; I prefer mine more robust but I can appreciate that this was an authentic fresh tomato Sicilian sauce. The mozzarella was fresh (as a sign on the side of the truck promised).

As far as authenticity goes, I can’t make a judgement call there as I’m no expert in Sicilian pizza (I’m barely even a novice). If this is a very authentic slice, which I assume it to be, it’s a bit too shy to be one of my faves. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious; however I was missing some butter in the crust or more oomph from the cheese or sauce for me.

Was it the BEST Sicilian slice I’d ever had in my life? Can’t say so. Was it the BEST slice of pizza I’ve had from a truck? Yes.

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