The Organic Gypsy: Kalamazoo (Michigan) Food Truck

July 27, 2014

While spending the weekend with family near South Haven, Michigan, we dropped by the

michigan food truck

local farmer’s market one morning. I was happy to see a local food truck parked right in

the middle!

The Organic Gypsy is a farm-to-table truck “organic S.O.U.L food” truck concept native tothe Kalamazoo area. On their website, they say S.O.U.L stands for: Seasonal Organic Unrefined Local. I’m into it.

What I’m usually not super into is breakfast food. Why? 2 words: eggs and sweetness. Not my faves. Plus, as with most family gatherings and vacations, I had been eating a lot that weekend. I was happy to see they offered an egg-free, savory, light morning nibble. (Tall order, I know.)

I ordered the Spring Rolls:

spring rolls organic food truck

Molter family cucumber and peppers, carrots, and local greens and basil with our *almost famous* almond dipping sauce. 

The rolls were very chilled (not frozen, though), which seemed to help the little bundles stick nicely together in the usually delicate rice wrapper. It tasted even better than I think these ingredients usually do when they’re served slightly below room temp. They still had all their crunch! The almost dipping sauce was very good. It wasn’t creamy like an almond butter as you can see in the picture, but just a very pure-tasting sauce. You could very much tell it was homemade as it tasted natural and chemical-free. It wasn’t a sauce that packed a big punch, but a subtle profile you often get with almond-centric sauces. Personally, I would have liked a little more something to it: salt? spiciness? something. These spring rolls could easily hold their own with any powerful dipping partner,  but I appreciate the chef’s choice to keep the sauce simple, showcasing the almighty almond.

The other menu items I considered were:

  • Breakfast Tacos with Spicy Mango sauce:    Sprouted (sp?) corn tortillas, pasture-raised Eater’s Guild scrambled eggs, squash medley from Molter Family Orchards, sprinkle of cheese, sausage. Side of Eater’s Guild potatoes. Your choice of spicy mango or mild yogurt chimichurri
  • Green Smoothie: Local Molter Farms kale, Orange Juice, banana (I’m having a major smoothie moment right now)

Guess I’ll have to go back to Kalamazoo one day!

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