Today’s Food Truck Adventure: Samich Box

Last week, the Samich Box truck posted a Facebook message asking for stop suggestions. I, along with a fellow food truck freak who also works in the area, asked them to stop at HARPO. Minutes later, they promised to stop by for lunch today. I spread the word around the office and we headed down the street, looking for the big orange truck.

sandwich from Chicago food truck

The Skirt Steak Samich

I ordered the Skirt Steak Samich, which has “tender tequila and lime marinated grilled skirt steak served with mashed black beans, Mexican rice, caramelized onions, topped with Queso Chihuahua.” The $8.45 sandwich was well worth it; the samich was about the size of my face (and that’s only a slight exaggeration).

Even the bread was great; it was crunchy but not tough, and definitely not soggy. My coworkers said the same about their samiches, and we speculated about the utility of the rice on the samiches for this exact purpose. One coworker said they might have undercooked the rice a tiny bit so that by the time it gets to us, the rice has absorbed some of the samiches juices (instead of the bread doing that).

sandwich from the Samich Box, a Chicago food truck

My tiny corner of the Mole Duck Samich

The nice guys of Samich Box even hooked us up with one of their Mole Duck Samiches: “Braised duck smothered in a spicy mole sauce served over cilantro lime rice and garnished with marinated onions [and served on flatbread].” It was one of their specials and they were looking for some feedback on it, so I cut it up and shared it with 5 coworkers (several of whom are Latinos who have enjoyed authentic homemade mole many-a-times before). All 6 of us really dug the samich, even a coworker who says he is generally not a fan of mole. Several people commented that the hint of lime was a detail that they appreciated.


I think my co-workers tweet sums up his experience nicely: Check out the Samich Box next time they’re in your neighborhood!